Fourth Arvind Memorial Seminar to be held in March 2013 in Chandigarh

(Press Release)

Annual All India Seminar will be organised on Com. Arvind’s Birth Anniversary from next year

Fourth Seminar will focus on ‘Marxism and Caste Question’

Lucknow, July 29. The fourth annual all-India seminar organised in the memory of the editor of ‘Dayitvabodh’ magazine and brilliant left revolutionary activist and intellectual, Com. Arvind, will be held in March 2013 in Chandigarh.

It was decided in a meeting of the board of trustees of the Arvind Memorial Trust that from now on this annual seminar will be organised on Com. Arvind’s birth anniversary, 12 March, instead of his death anniversary on 24 July.

The fourth seminar to be held in Chandigarh will focus on ‘Marxism and the caste question’. The board of trustees will decide on the exact dates, topic and other details regarding the seminar in the coming weeks and will send out invitations.

Arvind was am unwavering fighter and a brilliant and energetic young comrade and his death (24 July 2008) was a huge loss to the workers’ movement, cultural movement and peoples media movement in India. The formation of Arvind Memorial Trust and Arvind Institute of Marxist Studies is a humble, common effort to channelise his memory into a firm resolution and turn grief into strength. The topic of the first Arvind memorial seminar held in July 2009 in Delhi was ‘Labour laws and new forms of resistance in the age of globalisation.’ The second seminar in Gorakhpur in July 2010 focussed on ‘Working class movement in India in the 21st Century – Continuity and Change, Orientation and Possibilities, Problems and Challenges’. The third seminar held in July 2011 in Lucknow had the topic ‘Democratic Rights movement in India: Orientation, Problems and Challenges’. Detailed reports and papers presented at these seminars are available on the website of Arvind Memorial Trust (

We hope that the next seminar will take forward the tradition of open exchange of ideas and thought provoking debates of the first three seminars and contribute to the continuing discourse on a most important aspect of the project of social change in India.

A memorial collection on Com. Arvind and collection of papers presented in the previous seminars in Hindi and English are also planned to be published on the occasion of the fourth Arvind Memorial Seminar. On behalf of Arvind Memorial Trust, we expect cooperation from all friends, well-wishers and co-travellers like in the past.


Meenakshy (Managing Trustee)

Anand Singh (Secretary)

Katyayani, Satyam (Member)

Arvind Memorial Trust